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Divine Embodiment Retreat

Tulum, Mexico 

Image by Nahima Aparicio

Why Tulum?

Tulum is a magical mecca of spirituality, and a home to ancient Mayan civilizations. Massive stone temples pepper the jungle landscape, and cenotes offer a window into an underground world. With the energy of the ancient Maya still having an ethereal presence, as well as present-day Mayan descendants maintaining the spirit and customs of their ancestors, we know without a doubt, Tulum is exceptional location for this Divine Embodiment retreat.

What's included:

  • Airport Transfers to and from Cancun International Airport

  • 5 night accommodations

  • Private sound healing and sacred medicine ceremony

  • Ancient Ruins Exploration

  • Daily Yoga and Breathwork sessions

  • Dream. Plan. Do! Vision and Embodiment activities 

  • Agenda-less ( Time to relax or explore Tulum as you wish)

  • Delicious dinners curated by a private chef

  • And MORE!

Getting There

We want our attendees to touch down in Mexico, and be able to leave the weight of daily life behind them. Our friends at Namaste Tours are kind and welcoming, and will handle all the transportation from the airport, to Mayan ruin sites, and the *sacred medicine and

ancestral sound healing ceremony. Safety, and peace-of-mind is the travel mantra.

Image by Lorenzo Angeli

The Location

Nestled within the lush and vibrant jungle of Tulum, your new sanctuary is a tranquil oasis that promises an extraordinary experience. Spanning 2.5 acres, this retreat offers spacious rooms, a generously sized pool, and a convenient location just five minutes away from pristine beaches. Situated away from the bustling town, your retreat encourages you to form a deep connection with nature. As you step onto the land that was once home to the ancient Mayans, you become a part of the rich tapestry of history and culture that this area holds. Spanning 5000 square feet, the sanctuary allows you to envelop yourself in the tranquility of the jungle and find solace in its serene ambiance. 

The Tulum region is renowned for more than just its physical beauty; it's also known for the vortex of healing energy that the area holds. This energy, rooted in ancient traditions, enhances the transformative experiences that The Psyche Sanctuary offers. It's a place where you can tap into the energy of the land, connecting with its ancient wisdom to aid your personal journey.

In the heart of the Tulum jungle, The Psyche Sanctuary transcends the idea of mere accommodation – it's a holistic retreat designed to help you find balance, embrace tranquility, and reconnect with your center, all while being enveloped in the healing energies of the land.


Daily Outlook

The first two days will focus on arrival and grounding into the Psyche Sanctuary space, and settling into a new routine outside of daily norms.

On day three,  we will adventure from the Psyche Sanctuary to a remote, jungle location to attend a Mayan sacred plant medicine and ancestral sound healing ceremony in an ancient cenote. Cenotes are natural sinkholes in the white limestone rock layer. These sinkholes are openings to the underwater Sac Actun, “White Cave,” river system of the Yucatan Peninsula. With crystal clear water and cathedral-eques acoustics, these sacred sites have been the gathering place for Mayan rituals since ancient times. Add in another sacred element, Cacao, which is known as a Rainbow medicine in the Mayan culture. “Mama Cacao”: a healer, heart-opener, and a heaven-on-earth connection to the ancestors. The ceremony brings one back into connection with the highest-self, and opens the heart to peace and pure love consciousness. After the cacao blessing and drinking ceremony, music and sound instruments will envelope the space in a high-vibrational chamber of crystalline healing. After a couple of hours of acoustic bliss, a cenote float will conclude the experience, washing oneself in the still, sacred waters of renewed spirit.

The next day follows the yoga, breakfast,  breathwork and free time schedule, with an extended group Integration session to drop in with attendees at the half-way point.

Day five will be another adventure day, with a tour through the archeological site of Muyil, and a float through ancient Mayan canal systems. The float will take us through the peaceful preserve of Sian Ka’an, where native crocodiles, manatees, monkeys and a wide variety of bird species go about their daily lives. After eating lunch surrounded by the great temples, we can dip in the cenotes, snorkel the bay and explore the surrounding area.

The final days will follow the leisure schedule of yoga, meditation, free-writing and finishing the vision journals in preparation of retreat completion on day seven. Every day will allow time for individual integration sessions as needed or requested.

Image by Fabian Wiktor

Your Retreat Guide


Connie Marsh

Founder of Psyche Assist, Connie specializes in Transpersonal Integration, Trauma Informed Breathwork, and Cold Water Immersion Therapy. She Believes in order to live in alignment with our true self, one must turn their focus to the inner programming of the body. By healing the nervous system, releasing stuck/ traumatic energies in the body, and deconstructing old programming handed down to us by our caretakers and sometimes generations before, we allow space within ourselves to rewrite the narrative of our life, step into our truth, and live our highest reality.


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